WHY Hola Kids?

The Hola Kids Spanish Immersion Program involves children of different ages and levels of learning. Our curriculum develops children’s language skills using a range of engaging research-based activities, and offers a fun and easy learning experience filled with language games, crafts, dance and movement activities, singing and more. The kids interact with native-speaking teachers and peers that help them to develop their language skills.

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Highly Recommend …

I’m Kellie Matthaides and my children, Tate and Colt, attend Hola Kids with Yanneth, McCoy.  I regularly attend Mommy Bootcamp at the nZone in Chantilly and I signed up for their notifications for new classes there.  When I heard that the nZone would be offering Spanish classes for kids through Hola Kids, I was very excited to learn more about it.  Both, my husband
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Looking for Resources to help reinforce your child’s Spanish lessons at home?

The more resources you have available relating to the language your child is trying to learn, and the more suitable those resources are for the child’s age, language level, and interests, and the more actively you use those resources in the home, the more progress your child will make. Please remember, because your child is constantly growing, and evolving, the resources used must match
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We are lucky to have bilingual granddaughters…

Many times I have thought and questioned myself about “what my in-laws -born and raise Americans- thought about having bilingual granddaughters”, so while they were visiting us, I took the opportunity to interview them. I have never really posed that question to them directly, but it turned out to be an interesting conversation that happily confirmed what I had been sensing for many years,
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